Pervasive Search White Paper

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Pervasive Search, a whitepaper sponsored by Amazon, explores the   emergence of the information management infrastructure, and the multiple roles that search plays within it. It focuses on the cloud as a delivery mechanism for information management and search services and describes how Amazon CloudSearch provides pervasive search to its customer Prezi.

From the introduction:

Search technology has undergone a fundamental transformation in the past decade. No longer a sidecar feature for data and content, today’s search literally touches every aspect of an organization’s information infrastructure.

“Search” has many different faces and mechanics depending on its context—whether it is in eCommerce, eDiscovery, logistics, CRM, business intelligence, decision support, fraud detection, or customer analytics. To handle the diversity of challenges within these functional areas, search managers are gravitating toward platforms that provide a common infrastructure for the many kinds of information seeking, discovery, and analytics applications they must support.

Developments in the last five years have made it significantly easier to meet these demands. Well-supported standards-based search tools have emerged that manage and provide access to a wide variety of data sources. New Cloud delivery methods, technologies and pricing have made better information management affordable and predictable. Using a common foundation, IT and business leaders can then focus on building well designed tailored applications that share a common foundation.

The Answer Machine

Book by Susan Feldman

Abstract: The Answer Machine is a practical, non-technical guide to the technologies behind information seeking and analysis. It introduces search and content analytics to software buyers, knowledge managers, and searchers who want to understand and design effective online environments. The book describes how search evolved from an expert-only to an end user tool. It provides an overview of search engines, categorization and clustering, natural language processing, content analytics, and visualization technologies.

Table of Contents, Excerpt, and Reviews


Big Data and Cognitive Computing: The Next Industrial Revolution? 

Webcast By Susan Feldman

AbstractBig Data and Cognitive Computing:  The Next Industrial Revolution? updates the trends covered in The Answer Machine (above).  This webcast on Jan. 30, 2014 was given to the Cornell Entrepreneur Network.

Recording of Webcast


Changing the Computing Landscape 

PowerPoint presentation by Susan Feldman

  • The next computing era: cognitive computing
  • Five technology trends that will change the computing landscape
  • Implications for vendors, users, and buyers

PowerPoint presentation


OpenPediatrics: Medicine with a Global Reach

Case study by Susan Feldman

Abstract: Having the right information is important, but it’s rarely a matter of life and death. Except in healthcare. Today, lives often depend on finding the right doctor and hospital at the right time.  After helping a doctor treat a child in Mexico City using a flaky Internet connection to see the patient and the phone for discussion, Dr. Jeffrey Burns of Boston Children’s Hospital realized that there had to be a better way to spread what he had learned to other physicians.

Case Study

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