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Information interaction, visualization, and technology integration are entering a new phase of tight harmony. The next big leaps in computing will make the engagement between technology, people, and information increasingly natural and relevant.

The Synthexis blog will cover the research, the software, and the best innovative thinking about how to deliver experiences that are intuitive and task appropriate. We will report on new research from the corporate R&D Lab to the venture-backed startup and incubator. Although our focus will be on technology advances in search and analytics of unstructured data, text, voice, and video, we are most interested in the synergy among these technologies and their counterparts in big data, business intelligence, or storage. What are the trends that will drive the market for and development of the next era in computing? How will new understanding of user interaction and user needs shape this era?

The Synthexis Blog will also highlight the role that upheavals in social attitudes are playing in the marketplace, as technology touches more and more areas of ethics, privacy, social interaction, and the meaning of individuality.

As author William Gibson noted in the Economist in 2003: “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed.” The Synthexis Blog will help identify the changing dynamics of that distribution and highlight developments of uncommon value in the human-machine partnership.

Changing The Computing Landscape (PDF Download)

Changing The Computing Landscape

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