Understanding and Selecting Cognitive Applications

This document is our first public draft of research we have done in conjunction with the Cognitive Computing Consortium and Babson College.

Our objective in this document is two-fold. Cognitive computing as an approach to human-machine problem solving is new and hence somewhat unfamiliar. Consequently, like any other new technology, there is a certain amount of hype and confusion that contribute to clouding its adoption. Our first objective is to briefly distinguish how AI and cognitive computing differ not only from each other but also from traditional information systems. Our second objective is to present a set of tools that will guide buyers and vendors of cognitive applications through a set of decision points.  Cognitive applications are new, and largely untested.  We hope that as you select, deploy and test these new applications, you will discuss your experience with them so that we can test the decision tools described in the downloadable document.  Please contact me at sue@synthexis.com with questions and comments. We hope that our work provides some clarity for this burgeoning field.

To Download, click here:Understanding-cognitive-computing

About Sue Feldman

Founder and CEO of Synthexis. Longtime technology analyst covering cognitive computing, search engines, text analytics, NLP, unified information access and big data. Author of "The Answer Machine", Morgan & Claypool, 2012.

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